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The Top Destinations to Visit in St. Lucia

Are you looking for the best destination to spend your honeymoon? Well, take your favorite choice for an all-inclusive getaway in a top quality rental home located in the middle of the Eastern part of the Caribbean, the country is not only one of the beautiful and prettiest islands in the region and home of the Akasha Villas.

St. Lucia is one of the few favorite destinations the world over for wedding and honeymoon spots.

The iconic twin-peaks, the Grand Piton Mountains, and the beautiful beaches provide the guests with an all-inclusive ample location to enjoy both land and water sports. To cap it all off, the all-inclusive pricing enables couples to know the cost of the vacation well in advance. Here are a sneak peak of St. Lucia’s top destinations while honeymooning.

st lucia luxury villa rentalsFirst, there is the Castries. In fact, it is the capital city of the island. It has a harbor that is well sheltered and receives ferryboats, cruise ships, as well as cargo vessels. The shopping facilities at the Castries are also free and include La Place Carinage and Point Seraphine. The city also has many restaurants that offer a wide range of delicacies from the local cuisine to Chinese menus.

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Secondly, there is the Gros Islet. Having received a promotion from a small village to a town most recently, it is probably one of the newest towns in St. Lucia. In fact, this town is home to Beausejour Cricket where both the Test Cricket and One Day International are played. The town is also an administrative hub of the Gros Island Quarter, which is a region within St. Lucia that includes the island’s Cap point and northernmost point.

Finally, the Soufriere wraps up the list. This is a town whose location is to the West of St. Lucia. The French originally founded the town and made it the capital of this famous island. The plantation owners whose origin was French, ran large estates and many of their offspring still reside in the area to date. The French Revolution that occurred in 1789 led to many slaves being freed and royalists executed.

That said, it is so easy for anyone to fall in love with St. Lucia’s natural beauty.

Therefore, next time you wish to plan for your honeymoon, ensure that you have obtained the all-inclusive St. Lucia honeymoon packages at the best rental villas in the eastern caribbean sea and your experience will be memorable and worth living.